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Wibernet Unlimited Unshaped Pure Internet

What does this mean?

Unlimited – Understanding the difference between uncapped and unlimited. Unlimited data usage means that there is no FUP or soft cap limitations whereas uncapped has a FUP ( Fair usage policy ) and a soft cap limit. Basically, in a short and sweet terms use as much data as you want with absolutely no limits!

Unshaped – We do not shape any traffic its all free flow.

Pure Internet – We do not contend our bandwidth at all making our bandwidth completely pure.


Huge numbers of you are confronting new difficulties as the nation sets up measures to constrain the spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19). It will require immense support from the government and society to adapt to this circumstance so we needed to inform you with regards to the measures that Wibernet is setting up to keep you connected to keep up to date with what is happening at this exceptional time.

Please feel free to Visit the South African governments COVID-19 Portal for more information, see here

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