What is Amplify Lite?

Amplify lite is a new uncapped product which has given us the ability to introduce a more affordable high-quality broadband service by introducing FUP (Fair Usage Policy). This, however, does not compromise your quality of bandwidth but simply allows us to manage it better and tailor it in a way where even the highest quality of internet can be affordable.



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Amplify Lite Line Speeds

Select your Amplify Lite package

2 Mbps Package

R199 per month
2 Mbps Download   
2 Mbps Upload   
Local Tech Support   
Uncapped (FUP)  
Month to month basis   
Installation cost R500   

4 Mbps Package

R449 per month
4 Mbps Download   
4 Mbps Upload   
Local Tech Support   
Uncapped (FUP)   
Month to month basis   
Installation cost R500   

6 Mbps Package

R499 per month
6 Mbps Download   
6 Mbps Upload   
Local Tech Support   
Uncapped (FUP)  
Month to month basis   
Installation cost R500   

8 Mbps Package

R599 per month
8 Mbps Download   
8 Mbps Upload   
Local Tech Support   
Uncapped (FUP)  
Month to month basis   
Installation cost R500   

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VoIP Package

Do you want VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over IP) Line
Monthly Service Fee: R200
Free to Use VoIP Phone
Rates are:
Landline calls - 34c per minute
Cell phone call - 79c per minute
Save up to 50% on your monthly call

Won't be taking VoIP

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Dear Valued Wibernet Client,

Thank you for applying with Wibernet!

Please read this, it contains a lot of important information about our services.

How we work:

Phase 1 - Apply: Online application

  • Apply online by completing and submitting an application form.
  • We will be in contact (E-mail and/or phone) to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a site visit.

Phase 2 - Assess: Site inspection

  • Link Assessment appointment – Line of sight check, to confirm reception to our high-site/s.
  • Technical recommendations: placement of antenna, devices, cables and general networking and Wi-Fi requirements.

Phase 3 – Quotation:

  • Quotation sent to the client the next working day after the inspection.
  • Changes to quotation – optional extras/add-ons (Extenders / Access points / Trunking etc.)
  • Payment on quotation before scheduling the installation.
  • Invoice sent for payment of quotation.
  • Confirmation of payment from the accounts department.
  • The client receives a booking for installation.

Phase 4 - Install: Wibernet Service

  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Additional services: Configuration, Wi-Fi related, IT related etc.
  • Complete forms: Debit order mandate and job sign-out forms.
  • Invoice for bandwidth is sent after installation - payment within 72 hours of receipt of invoice.

Phase 5 - Support: Phone / Website / WhatsApp

  • Remote assessment of your connection, tech support.
  • Call-out if needed.
  • Upgrade/downgrade/cross-grade, at your request.

Basic Information:

To view our price list and a map of our coverage area.

We offer free site inspections and quotations. We need to assess that we have line of sight to one of our high sites/towers.

Wibernet Installation costs R500 for all of our packages (Excluding Router). We provide you with an antenna and up to 20m of network cable to connect the router to the antenna, thereafter we charge R10 per metre for cabling.

We are offering a free router with the 24 month agreement, if broken in the 12 month period it will still be covered by warranty and we will get it repaired or replaced. After the 12 month period, the client is responsible for the replacement of the router.


Recommendations will be made during the inspection. If you would like to purchase a router, please request one during the application or site inspection/quotation phase. We offer various options.

NB - Please inquire about available routers.


NB - If you would like to set out time for additional services such as configuration software or IT related assistance, we charge R400 p/hr. This is subject to our booking availability. For Installations and hardware related assistance, we charge R500p/hr.

Support: 021 276 0400 or support@wibersolutions.co.za / help@wibersolutions.co.za

In the event that you are experiencing any problems with your connection after installation, we are able to monitor your connection remotely and provide insight into its performance. If you have any problems please let us know as this will help us iron out the possible issue with your connection. We replace devices under manufacturer warranty to the specifications of the supplier. If the problem is network related we will happily fix it in our next available opening, however, if the problem is related to hardware, software, insufficient Wi-Fi coverage, or user error we will charge for a call-out at the set hourly rates.

Payment Terms:

Installation and bandwidth are invoiced separately. The first payment is for installation, this is to be delivered via EFT and must be paid before the installation booking is scheduled. The second payment is for bandwidth, a pro-rata amount will be calculated and you will be invoiced for installation. If you would prefer to settle monthly payments via EFT we require the payment in advance, on or before the first of the month in question. NB - Please settle bandwidth payment within 72 hours of the receipt of invoice to avoid being disconnected. As a part of the debit order application, we require a copy of your ID as well as proof of residence.

The installation team will have a hard-copy debit order form with them during the installation. Please complete this during the installation. If you are not available to complete the debit order during the installation, the debit order form is also available online! Please complete and submit timeously: Click Here


All equipment transfers ownership from Wiber to the client the moment payment has been received in full and is confirmed by the accounts department.

The client is responsible for looking after their device packaging boxes as this acts as their warranty in the event that you need your router/antenna/device replaced or repaired. We require the boxes and all auxiliary items when returning items to the supplier, not only the serial numbers etc.

The cancellation of our service requires one calendar months’ notice.

 NB - Access control: Please acquire a letter of permission from the owner/board of directors/landlord (if needed).

During inspection and installation, if applicable, we will need access to:

  • Roof and Ceilings
  • Building/House/Office
  • Electrical Power outlets (50Hz A.C.)
  • Complex/Security village

Usage Policy:

There are no policies on our network. We give our clients free rein to do with their bandwidth what they like. However, we cannot support piracy, illegal streaming and other illegal activities.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you for choosing Wibernet as your ISP! (Internet Service Provider.)

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Coverage Areas

We are always expanding so keep posted

Our coverage areas are in the Southern Peninsula (Fish Hoek, Sunnydale, Sun Valley, Capri, The Lakes, Noordhoek, San Michel, Kommetjie, Imhoff’s gift, Blue Water Estate, part of Ocean View, Glencairn, Da Gama Park, Simon’s Town, Naval Base, Froggy Farm, Clovelly, Marina Da Gama, Costa Da Gama, parts of Lakeside, Muizenberg, Capricorn Beach and others coming soon)
Feel free to click on the coverage areas to see which areas we cover.

  • Orange – Areas we Cover
  • Red – Coming Soon once Infrastructure is up