Get to Know Who We Are?

Read about how wibernet started and why we believe we are the best.

Wiber Solutions was created by a team of guys who grew up locally who’s mission was to always bring excitement and innovation into the world of connectivity.

It all started in a garden shed where we set up our network and worked from there, it was our new home. There were countless arguments and debates around the whiteboard which was always full of scribbles and pictures we could barely make out (a bunch of ideas we would come up with during the morning meetings and write down) we were always creating new ideas to come up with the best, most innovative way to deliver reliable and affordable internet.

After sitting for months on end trying to figure out ways to bring excitement to the people in a way that would separate us from the rest. We finally decided to do what we were best at and that was to deliver internet through the air. We all grew up building PC’S from old parts and trying to save up for the next best game or computer part always waiting for the next best internet speed. It had been an interest and passion for many years figuring out how the world of internet connectivity actually worked and finally, the time came to take matters into our own hands. Wiber Solutions was created with a dream and a goal, with a truckload passion and determination and just simply the love of what we do. We took two of the fastest technologies available and put them together to create WIBER wireless and fibre, together we created Wiber solutions.

The WIBER team together have over 20 year’s experience in the networking world including a few others such as high access installations, UX & UI design and programme development.

As a team, we are learning every day to create better faster and more innovative ways to take internet to a new level, at the end of each day our biggest teachers are our customers from the first customer that came on board and took that leap of faith to first time we decided to leave our day to day jobs and begin our dreams, we listened each and every time and have taken it with us on the goal to achieve the greatest network we know of.

We at Wiber Solutions want you to know that every time you click on that mouse button to load that web page. Somewhere out there the Wiber team are giving their 100% maximum effort to deliver the fastest most reliable service available.

We are here for the long haul!

Our Business Clients

Some of our Business Clients that have our Internet.

Our Network

Wibernet built its entire infrastructure from scratch, from planning the first fibre cable to the first licensed wireless backhaul. Wibernet invested in our own network to make sure that we have 100% control. This allows us to manage our contentions properly and to be able to give accurate feedback when any problems may arise.

Wibernet uses end to end high-capacity fibre that is connected to our licensed backhaul wireless radio links to give the very best last mile latencies and speeds.

Our highly skilled network engineers designed our network to be of the highest standard using carrier class wireless and fibre infrastructure that rivals even the biggest most successful ISP’S around!

We are continuously upgrading and learning about new technologies to make the sure that our wireless and fibre network is of the highest standard and that it is maintained properly, whether it is making sure every screw is stainless steel and making sure every cable is crimped and spliced correctly. When it comes to our network, perfection is the only standard we have.

At Wibernet we understand how important it is to have maximum uptime to make sure that everyone stays connected. We have systems in place that monitor our network 24/7 to make sure that everything is running the way it should be.

We do not just deliver internet, we deliver innovation.

The Wiber team have over 10 year’s experience in outdoor wireless and cabled networking so you are in good hands.