Amplify Lite Fair Usage Policy (FUP) explained

Wibernet only utilizes the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in the Amplify Lite services.

FUP (Fair usage policy)
It’s a simplified way of doing an Uncapped service while protecting the integrity of our network. At a certain point, there needs to be a controlled bandwidth method to prevent our lower usage clients from being affected due to other higher users on that Amplify Lite network, while we do offer a completely Unlimited service on Amplify premium the Amplify Lite service is aimed at lower usage clients, so they too can experience fast reliable internet at a more affordable price.

After the assigned threshold has been reached the line speeds will drop to 2 Mbps on all packages. Still allowing basic usage and light streaming of certain sites and small downloads. Please see pricing for FUP.

The Amplify Lite service uses a completely separate network to its ‘bigger brother’ the premium Amplify network, therefore, we cannot upgrade and downgrade with a flick of a button and hardware will have to be replaced. In the event of an upgrade to the premium Amplify the client will liable for the purchase of the new equipment or 24-month agreement which includes a free installing and router.

Line Speed (Amplify Lite)

Uncapped Threshold ( Softcap)

2 Mbps50 GB
4 Mbps100 GB
6 Mbps150 GB
8 Mbps200 GB