If you suspect that the network isn’t working as it should, you can restart your router which does solve it most of the time.

The signs that cause there might be an issue would be, web pages might not load up or Netflix/YouTube may stop during the streaming.

If this is the case you can power cycle your router which will clear that out to give it some time to cool down and refresh old lingering in the memory and high amounts of traffic coming through the router. Especially with older routers these need to be rebooted frequently.

Is a reboot the same as a reset?
NO. What a reset does is wipes out your configuration information and returns the router to factory default.

We suggest that you don’t reset your router unless you really need to or know how to configure it and have the detail to config it e.g. PPPoE details, admin password and SSID.

Here are 2 simple steps to take to ensure you are rebooting/power cycling your router correctly.

Step 1:
At the back of your router is a power cord that is connected to a 2 prong plug, pull out the power cord connected to your router.

Step 2:
After a few seconds plug the power cord back into the router, give it a few seconds to reboot and there you have it that’s how to reboot your router.