How to reboot your Wireless device?

Ok so let us get started, below is the PoE Adapter that powers the LiteBeam (Wireless device) which can differ depending on what device you have, it could be black or white but works the same.

The PoE Adapter is connected to the Wireless device for it to be powered and the Lan is connected to your router to give you internet. To see if it is powered you will see a small glowing light on top of the PoE Adapter.

Now that we have run through the basics we can start with disconnecting from the Wireless device.

Simply unclip the Ethernet cables from the PoE Adapter as seen below, once you have done this give it a minute before connecting them back into the PoE port and the Lan port correctly. It will take a few minutes for your Wireless device to reboot up and voilà you are done!

Or simply just unplug the power cable from the wall, give it a few seconds and plug it into the wall again.